Monday, August 27, 2018

I'll Be At Petra's Tonight, But With One Slight Change

Hi everyone. I just found out that the Petra's show will be up for another week, and that the closing party will be put off until the weekend. That being said, I have friends coming by the show tonight, and I had already made plans to be there. AND I'm working on another book. SO, let's combine both. Tonight, I'll be at Petra's after 7pm, hanging out, giving tours for anyone that comes by, and editing my next book. It's not quite Novel Writing, Live From Dorchester (extra points if you spot that reference), but it could be close. What's the next book, you ask? And does it figure in to the Petra's show? Come by Petra's after 7pm and find out. See you there, and see you on the road.
August 27, 2018

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