Thursday, September 13, 2018

Events From This Week

So, what happened this week, when I wasn't having to postpone the Decades Of Rock show, and watching my Saturday bookings wash away with the tide? Monday, photos of Allegro Foundation golf tourney, and production photos Archipelago for UNC-Charlotte. Tuesday, photos of Inreach's InCelebration, and production and live photos of Alexandro Querevalu at the McGlohon Theater. Wednesday, photos of CoreNet event, and photos of Andre Leon Talley at the Mint Museum Randolph (Yes, when Andre wants his photo taken, he asks for me by name), followed by drinks at a local "speakeasy" while wearing my vintage 1920s boater hat. Thursday, photos of one Atrium Health event, and Gospelshout, awesome as always at the United House Of Prayer. And oh yeah, maybe got the ball rolling on getting local 90s band Relayer reissued. Because yeah, that would be fantastic. Stay safe and stay dry out there. See you in the rain, and see you on the road.

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