Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Interview Madness/The News From Here

Hello all-

How are you? Like many of you, I've have mostly been home for the last two months. All of my work has been postponed or cancelled, with other longtime clients are just not in position to hire. I really intended to write more, but I instead decided to tackle my personal To-Do lists that I've had for much of the last fifteen years.

Get my photo archive in order. Took nearly a month, but check. Scan all of my 2002 photos of the Remains. Check. Digitize and archive all of my Avett Brothers archives. Check. Get my office and den in order. Somehow, check.

The last was to find and digitize all of my interviews and articles of note. Going through my back issues of Tangents was interesting. Articles that I'd completely forgotten about with my name. Yes, I wrote them, but the photos I had taken along with the articles had gained more importance in the intervening years. Who is this kid that wrote article upon article for so long? Marx Brothers writer Nat Perrin told me that I was a great writer, and that I should keep it up. I'm glad that I did, even if it sometimes is in the background of my photography.

Finding these magazines was another issue. A Tangents here, and Big Takeover there. The Amps Eleven article I recently posted was a complete surprise. I found the magazine in a box, and decided to look through it. It had long been a goal of mine to find and post my 2003 interview with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, which was located this afternoon.

This evening, I brought home a box that I hadn't seen in over twenty years. Inside was all of my original article printings for Tangents. Back then, I would print off my articles, and deliver that to the editors. You'll note that the Ken Linker and Jay Farrar interviews I posted tonight have scribblings and corrections. I decided to leave the original document as I find it, until I get it all re-digitized. I also found my unedited interviews with Moe Tucker, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the aforementioned Nat Perrin, and more. I also found numerous articles from my five years as sportswriter for the Matthews Record. It was like holding a past that I had thought was long gone. You may see some of this work soon, but for now, I'm glad that this personal goal has finally been reached.

In all, you can now find all of my interviews of note, more or less, on this site. This website was originally created as a place where all of my writings could be collected. As often happens, the photography took over. And yet, my writing waited in the corner, knowing that someday I would fully speak to the past, while setting up the next stage of my writing and photography life.

Here's to whatever stage we enter next, wherever you are.
May 5, 2020

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