Sunday, January 9, 2022

Mignonette, 18 Years On

 Eighteen years ago this month, I photographed the sessions for the Avett Brothers' Mignonette album. I watched the album come to life, song by song. Sitting with the band as they recorded the backing track to "Salvation Song" in one take, I knew that I witnessing something special. Thinking about how many people that album has reached is still a wonder to me.

Tonight, a musical based on that album, and the music of the Avett Brothers debuts in California. Based on an album that I once photographed in Jim Avett's garage. In days that feel more surreal than ever, I have to remind myself that these fleeting moments are real. Did I know that it would all come to this? No, but I don't believe that I should have. I was just doing the best that I could, photographing my friends create music that they, and I believed in.
The rest, time gradually reveals the results. And that time has arrived.

Congrats, guys. Congrats to Doug Williams, Dolph Ramseur, Dane Honeycutt, and those of you that are part of the story. Until the next photograph, and the next adventure.
January 9, 2021

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