Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Thought For Today

 Warning: The following post contains moments of clarity, references (for some of you) to obscure comedians, and me being a collector geek.

Some days, you don't get everything you want. You miss out on that 1931 full-page ad featuring the Marx Brothers by 50 cents. But you then realize that you've already own a poster that your wife bought you a few months ago, and had gotten lost in the mountain of life that is your office. So you put that on your wall instead. You also made a screenshot of the Marx Brothers ad, anyway, so that can now reside on your desktop. For free.

Other days, you've been eyeing those autographs of Clark & McCullough for weeks. Is it worth the money? And then you realize that life is too short, and all can be chaos in he blink of an eye. So yeah, you buy it, and you watch the film of the duo rehearsing a show with George Gershwin in 1929. Heck yeah.

The lesson through all this? Rejoice for what you can do in this crazy world. Enjoy the good moments, and keep going through the unexpected. Dance to what you like, buy those things that matter to you, display that poster that represents more than just an image, and screenshot the rest.

On to the next adventure. See you there, and see you on the road.
January 27, 2022

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