Thursday, February 23, 2012

Songs I've been listening to lately

A few songs that I've been listening to lately. If you haven't heard them yet, you should.

"When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease," Roy Harper
I don't know much about cricket, but this song encompasses so much more. Dedicated to Joe Thompson, Michael Davis, and others that have left the crease.

"Fireflies," John Grant.
John isn't always the sentimental type, but this song just nails it.

"Saucy Sailor," or "Rosebud In June," Steeleye Span.
I really, really, really want to interview the members of Steeleye Span, and talk about the Below The Salt, and Parcel Of Rogues period.

The Left Banke, anything from their first two albums.
A perennial fave. Now reissued by Sundazed!

"Lord And Master," Heron.
When I'm collapsed in my chair at 1:30am, this is usually what I listen to, or anything off of their 1971 self-titled debut album.

"Big Bird," Eddie Floyd.
I heard this yesterday for the first time. Whoa! Massive horns attack, and take flight.

"I Can Only Give You Everything," Van Morrison & Them.
Possibly my favorite Them song. When I saw DKT/MC5 play in Atlanta in 2005, they played this song, and Michael Davis (RIP) sang lead. Awesome.

"Grown Ocean," Fleet Foxes.
Great song on a great record.

Drop In, Beatles, 1963 Swedish television show.
Some of this has been seen in the Beatles Anthology, but watch the whole thing on Youtube. Before the Beatles hit America, and the screams drowned out the music, the Beatles played a series of radio and TV songs throughout Europe, and just rocked out. Pure fun from all involved. And Drop In aired live!

"Farewell, Farewell," Fairport Convention. Again, dedicated to Joe Thompson, and all of you fellow lonely travelers, all.

"Ambulance Blues," Neil Young.
I love the album this song comes from, On The Beach, but please search out the 1974 bootleg of Neil at the Bottom Line, where he did a solo acoustic of almost all of On The Beach. Just stunning.

"Northern Sky," Nick Drake.
If you not heard this song before, go find it on Youtube, or whatever you listen to, and come back and talk to me about this song. Forget about whatever you've heard about Nick Drake, just listen to the beauty of those songs.

"Shine On Brightly," Procol Harum.
This song feels like my life, as of late. When you're working non-stop, you don't know who is in control. Yourself, or the work. And since my video work has increased again, I sometimes go from doing a very nice high-end photo gig, to doing something else entirely. All in the span of a few minutes, and then doing it again the following day. Shine on brightly, quite insane.
February 23, 2012

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