Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Ghosts Of Opportunity

The Ghosts Of Opportunity

I am 
here again
watching this chandelier fall
in slow motion, 
while those with scissors
claim to be witnesses, 
holding themselves in a well-worn box
that they claim to have never
seen before.
I stand in a
different place,
yet my view is familiar.
And I have no need to travel 
there again.

We once were children
all coming from the same place
of hope and restless anger
railing together at the world
we wanted to 
tear down
tear down
then we could rebuild it all
in masks of our own mirrors
and wishes.

It all got so close,
to sustaining the dreams
of weary dreamers,
but the hands that
hold you back
cam sometimes be your own,
and everything began to
break down
break down
and I walked away
when finally
there was no ship to save.

Circles collide 
over passing pages.
I wanted to believe
in it all again,
to complere the sentence
that I had started
so long ago.
But what trips us
toppled you again,
and once again it all
begins to
fall down
fall down
like before,
but as the shards 
bounce upon the floor,
I see the reflection of things
as they are,
and I see 
where I have to go
and I will go on 
without you.

This freedom
is the saving grace
of this quiet charade,
stepping away from the wreckage
of your inertia, 
and the answers you will never know,
or will ever be willing 
to accept. 
The ghosts of opportunity
have passed through us again, 
howling in voices
you will not hear,
but calls me to places
that I have yet to be,
yet still believe in. 
You may have led me here,
but I am the one
that will lead myself on,
to wherever
I am to go. 

I am here
I am leaving
I was here
I am gone

-Daniel Coston
April, 2012

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