Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Music, Photography and Life show intro

For any person, taking a moment to look back on their work can be a surprising experience. Especially if you had not originally planned to work in that field. Back in 1996, I did not intend to start a career as a photographer. I was a writer that was diving headlong into a love of music, and looking for a way to talk about the music and people that I was seeing, and hearing around me. When I couldn't find a photographer that shared my ambitions, I started to take the photos myself.

I have been very lucky to work with a lot of musicians that I admired, and pushed me to find ways of capturing their sounds and visuals in my photographs. Music is not the only subject that I photograph, but it is the subject that continues to drive my work. It is what got me into photography, and is still what I look forward to the most.

For me, the photographs you see here are pieces of my ongoing conversation with the art of music, and the people that play it. The subjects may change, and my ideas change, but it is that continual searching that still propels me. To document the artists that I see and meet, and to hopefully provide visuals glimpses of their sounds, and emotions.

-Daniel Coston
May 9, 2012

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