Sunday, January 13, 2013

Answers to questions on Youtube about my Avett Bros. photos

A few years ago, Charlotte Magazine did a big feature on my photos of the Avett Brothers through the years. You can many of the photos here-

They also put together a video of my photos, which has me taking about the photos. That can be seen and heard here-

I recently began wondering if anyone had ever looked at the video since then, and discovered that the video has received about 20,000 hits, with 142 likes, and one dislike (because there's one in every crowd).  However, I felt that the questions that people posted in the comments deserved an answer, so I decided to post them here.

1. The video incorrectly states that I stopped working with them in 2004. I worked with the band through 2007. I stopped when I realized that I could no longer break through the embargo that the band's other photographer and videographer had created. But, as you may have found online, I have shot the band on a few occasions, and we're all still in touch. It would be nice to work with the guys again, but you never know. Life is unpredictable.

2. Yes, that is my slightly froggy voice. I was getting over a cold.

3. No, I'm not that other photographer and videographer. We're very different people.

4. All of these photos were shot on film. I didn't go digital until 2010. I preferred Ilford B&W film, and Kodak for color film. However, I sometimes switched to Fuji color because it was easier to find, and you buy it in bigger amounts at Wal-Mart and Wolf Camera. I used a Canon AE-1, late 1970s model camera for all of the photos.

5. The last statement came out of me talking about how I didn't look at those photos for a long time. I was disappointed and felt like I had failed, or that the photos hadn't been good enough. One day, I was looking at a portrait of F.D.R. that was being painted on the day that he died. Only the face had been painted, while everything else had been left as an outline. What the artist felt was unfinished, I realized that the painting was a work of art, until itself. That helped me to come to terms with the photos I did take, and I came to realize that I had taken some good photos of a good time in the band's lives, as well as my own. I don't think of my work as art (it's easier to leave that to others), but I think that I have taken some good photos along the way.

6. I'm very proud to have worked with the guys, and my sincere thanks to everyone that complimented the photos. I don't see them often enough, and I miss them. Not as rock stars, or photography clients, but as the friends that I have known.

I hope that answers some things. Safe travels,
January 13, 2013

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