Monday, January 28, 2013

Silent Fragments

I can see you now
through suffering blue skies,
the chill of the distance 
clears of the air
of my perspective.

You were
a difficult soul.
You dreamed for much,
yet the darkness overtook you. 
You traveled to the edges
of your knowledge,
yet could never pull away
from what you had been.
You wanted to be there,
but you wanted to be 
somewhere else,
and the two poles
of circumstance
do not always balance
on an easy bridge.

By the time
I knew you, 
you held back 
who you were,
and the frustrations
of what 
had never been.
Time told me whispers
of what had happened,
and the objects 
you left behind
speak more of you 
than you ever told me.
Their words twine
together in slow motion,
forming a faded image
of deeper waters,
filled with rage and duty,
an uneasy calm.

I wear your coat, 
and I am 
a different person. 
Not you, 
nor me,
but someone 
caught in the middle
of what we want,
and what life
gave us. 
Who are you, 
and who am I?
Somewhere between
the man you wanted to be, 
with scraps of words
left unsaid,
as I am
standing here
to fill the fragments
of my future,
and my own mirror.

-Daniel Coston
January 28, 2013

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