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Queen City Anthology Intro, Gallery Hours, And Caption List

Queen City Anthology
Pictures From The Charlotte Music Scene, 1996-2001
by Daniel Coston 

Gallery Hours are:
Tues - Fri  11am to 6pm
Sat & Sun by appointment 

Charlotte, North Carolina was a different place in 1996. For all of its growth in population and recognition, the city’s art and culture were still hidden to many. Music venues were few in number, and scattered through areas that were often far away from downtown. There were many great musicians, young and old, but few were known beyond the county line. I started to write about what I was seeing, hearing and experiencing in 1995 for the Charlotte-based zine Tangents Magazine. After a few months, I began to feel that writing words upon words to describe all of these sounds wasn’t enough. I had just begun to take photographs, and I found that I could speak to what I was thinking and feeling in one photograph what I couldn’t verbalise in a thousand words. The camera became my new pen, if you will. The camera spoke to me, for me, and pushed me into documenting more. And 20 years later, that journey is still continuing, an unbroken line from the ideas the grew out of the photographs that you see here.

This collection of photographs are of musicians, friends and others that shaped the music scene of Charlotte during that time. Of musicians that came through Charlotte during that time, in venues big and small. People and ideas that I believed in, and still do. Some of these people and places are still with us, and some have gone on. But they still are here, in images, memories and emotions. Lastly, also here are the ideas of a photographer that was learning on the job, and trying to keep up with the possibilities in sight and sound that were all around him. They were early days in my career, as it turned out, but their impact continues on. The people, the visuals, the music. It all shines on.

-Daniel Coston

07Coston- Jamie Hoover, Spongetones, 1997

crop169BW- Violet Strange, 1998

Coston_25- Whie Octave, 1999

crop002a- Drive-By Trukers, 2001

crop0006 2- Peter Case, 2000

crop0010A- Rick Miller, Southern Culture On The Skids, 1999

Clayton-1996- Jeff Clayton, ANTiSEEN, 1997

crop0140- Tony James, It Could Be Nothing, New Years Eve, 1995

crop0142- Trans Am, 1999

crop007A- Buddy Guy, 1998

LesMoore1999_ Les Moore, 1999

LoFidelityAllStars- Lo Fidelity All Stars, 2000

Miles_dcoston7- Buddy Miles, 1999

Morphine- MarkSandman, Morphine, 1998

IntroPanel- Me, Halloween 1996, use on intro panel

Watt_dcoston- Mike Watt, 1999

YoungBloodHart- Alvin Youngblood Hart, 1999

crop0092A- Lenny Kravitz, 1998

Thurdsay2002- Thursday, 2001.

crop0088a- Steve Munsell, Ublisch, 1998

crop0091A- Gary Numan, 1998

crop0096AB- Syrup, 1999

crop100a- Dave Rhames, Draggin’ Flowers, 1998

crop101A- Benji Hughes, 1999

crop102A- Alex Mayhew, Ublisch, 1999

crop107A- Jeff Floyd, Kudzu Ganja, 1997

crop108a- John Morris, Come On Thunderchild, 1999

crop150a- Eric Lovell, 2001

Jucifer- Jucifer, 2000

crop153b- Memphis Quick 50, 2001

crop0036b- Mercury Dime, 1997

crop0014ab- Public Enemy, 1998

crop158a- Danielle Howle, 2001

crop159A- Phil Lee, 2000

crop0083- X-Periment, 1998

crop163A- Lou Ford, 1997

crop161a- Jerry Lee Lewis, 1997

FDQ13- Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, 1998

MSCB- Chris Peigler, My So-Called Band, 1999

Ublisch- Chris Bean, Ublisch, 1998

crop0015A- Isaac Hayes, 1998

Superchunk- Superchunk, 1999

Wilco1998- Wilco, 1998

Avetts_2001 - Avett Brothers, 2001

AnimalBag- Animal Bag, 1996

crop0138- Drea Atkins, 1999

crop0139- Slowride, 2000

crop0145- Immortal Lee County KIllers, 2001

crop0147- Interstellars, 1999

crop0148- Poprocket, 2001

Avetts_2002- Avett Brothers, spring, 2002

Whiskeytown- Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, 1998

crop108B- Neal Harper, 1999

Smith_Elliott- Elliott Smith, 1999

BelmontPlayboys- Belmont Playboys, 1997

crop0043a- Jay Garrigan, Laburnum, 1998

crop0049A- Jay Garrigan, Laburnum, 1998

Jolene1998- Rodney Lanier, Jolene, 1998

Lynch_Mark- Mark Lynch, Lou Ford, 1999

MidnightFrolics- Midnight Frolics, 1999

Young_Clayton- Joe Young and Jeff Clayton, ANTiSEEN, 1997

crop0093B- Music lover, 1998

crop0093C- Jimmy King, Aqualads, 1998

crop0094a- DJ Smitty, 1998

crop0094B- Robert Childers, 1998

crop0994C- Crowd at Verizon Amphitheater, 1998

crop0096AA- Jeff Crooke, 1999

crop109B- Peralta, 1998

crop109C- Five Times Down, 1998

crop112a- David Childers, 1999

crop118A- Buzzoven, 1999

crop119a- Lenny Federal, 1998

crop120a- Wichita Caravan, 1999

crop124a- Justincase, 2000

crop129b- Latino Chrome, 1998

crop129a- Kris Krull, 1998

ManOrAstroman- Man Or Astroman, 1999

crop114A- Cast Iron Filter, 2000

crop0115A- Todd Busch, 1998

crop117a- Justin Faircloth, 1998

Jonathan Wilson, Hope Nicholls, Benji Hughes, 1996

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